Training System

Training System of CBS Group

In order to train foreign technical staffs to adapt to Japanese working environment quickly and smoothly, we have customized following training system.

Japanese Education

We keep implementing Japanese education and Japanese business customs education to our employees until they are assigned to workplace.
The teachers all have working experience in Japan. Besides, we have excellent teachers in China for a local education.

Steps of Japanese Education

A productive training program ranges from 3 months to 12 months.
We aim at educating our employees to reach the Japanese level fitting for business and daily life in Japan and also master necessary knowledge about Japanese lifestyle and technical words.


CATIA & CAE Training

CBS Automobile Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. ( Shanghai CBS for short) is responsible for technological trainings such as CATIA & CAE training.In the training system, technicians in Shanghai CBS use our original training materials to do face-to-face education so that the trainees can grow up from a beginner to an expert of CATIA and CAE in a short period.

Steps of CATIA Training


Steps of CAE Training


In each step of CATIA&CAE training, We carry out the training according to a process of [Ability Test ⇒ Training & Practice ⇒ Ability Test ⇒ Proficiency Evaluation] upon having identified the level of trainees.