Words of President·Policy·History

Words of President

“An imagineering group” will provide you world-class technical power Since there is no geographical either industrial borders in this world now, there is a real need for seeing the world from a global perspective.
Undertaken business mainly in “engineering outsourcing” and personnel-service, especially in the fields of design and development of automobile interior and exterior parts, and computer software, we have a high reputation for the quality services.
We have excellent Chinese engineers, who have an experience in Japan’s first-class companies and a spirit of challenge. We are absolutely sure that our engineers will be your power by using their technical and above-average language skills (English, Japanese, and Chinese) for you.
In 2012, we launched recruiting excellent graduates with much potential from the top universities for science in India, Thailand, and Indonesia. As you may already know, South-eastern Asia is an area to have a huge potential for economic development and prosperity.

We are "an imagineering group" by providing world-class technical power and quality from the Far East to the world,
and we take it on as our mission.

CBS Techno Co., Ltd.
CEO Shen Mei


Management Policy

In CBS Group, we have adopted a management policy called "Three Priority".

  • Outcome-oriented: We are pursuing the improvement of value creation.
  • Customer First: We try our best to fulfill our clients' demands.
  • Team Spirit: We build our team spirit in a concerted effort.


History of CBS

Nov. 1995 Established CBS Ltd. Started market investigation, translation and interpretation.
Dec. 1995 Started trading business
Oct. 1998 Started software design and development business
Jul. 1999 Established Xihai Technology Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Wu Youyang as a president
Apr. 2000 CBS Ltd has made an internal organization change to CBS Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2000 Started technical development contract work by Chinese engineers who are stationed at Japanese companies
Jul. 2003 CBS Co., Ltd moved to Aoi, Higashi Ward Nagoya
Jan. 2004 Established CBS Techno Co., Ltd. Specializes in technology development
Feb. 2004 CBS Co., Ltd started worker dispatch business
Apr. 2004 CBS Techno Co., Ltd started worker dispatch business
Jul. 2005 Established Shanghai CBS Human Resources Service Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2006 CBS technical consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Started to design mechanical parts with CATIA
May. 2006 CBS technical consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd name changed to CBS automotive technology
(Shanghai) Co., Ltd with capital increased
Jul. 2006 CBS Techno Co., Ltd acquired a license for "charged employment placement services"
Sep. 2006 CBS Techno Co., Ltd moved to Meieki Nishi Ward Nagoya
Jul. 2010 Shanghai CBS moved to CENTRO Building, No.568, Hengfeng Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai
May. 2014 CBS techno received ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications.(Scope: software development and information system management)
Jun. 2015 Shanghai CBS moved to Kaixuanmen Build, No.428 Tianmu Zhong Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai
Aug. 2015 CBS techno received Privacy mark.(Registration number: 19000958)
Jul. 2018 CBS techno. Co., Ltd. was licensed to Worker Dispatching Undertaking.