Training System

CBS Training System

We have our intensive training curriculum for all employees including Japanese language, business etiquette, and various other technical trainings before start working.

Japanese Education

We educate Japanese language & Japanese business etiquette until they are assigned to a workplace.

Steps of Japanese Education

Through our education program, all employees go through 3 to 12 month intensive training.
The aim of this program is to enhance their Japanese language skills and acquire technical terms in Japanese, which are necessary for their work.


CAE Training

CBS Automobile Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. ( Shanghai CBS for short) is responsible for technological trainings such as CAE training.

Steps of CAE Training


In each step of CAE training, we carry out the training according to a process of [Ability Test ⇒ Training & Practice ⇒ Ability Test ⇒ Proficiency Evaluation] upon the level of trainees.